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Kenya celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its independence in 2013. Kenya has the largest economy in East Africa. The violence that followed the 2007 national elections was a very troubling event for those who love Kenya, especially given the nation's importance. The national elections of 2013, however, marked a return to the peaceful transition of government, and most Kenyans are looking forward to the future with confidence.


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ECLEA in Kenya

ECLEA personnel did their first teaching in Kenya in June 2007. We returned in August of that year. Since that time, ECLEA has been very active throughout Kenya. Most importantly, we have established a good and growing inter-denominational and inter-tribal ECLEA-Kenya committee of pastor-teachers. The fact that we insist on being inter-tribal is particularly important in Kenya which has 42 tribes and where, although sometimes unspoken, tribalism is an important issue. The ECLEA-Kenya team has been the most active of all the East African ECLEA teams in conducting all-African church leader trainings.

Here are updates from ECLEA's Kenya team concerning ECLEA's work in Kenya (older news accounts of ECLEA's work in Kenya and the rest of East Africa are located in the News Archive):

James Kamau, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

James Kamau

Report of Kawangware meeting—Nov 30-Dec 2, 2017—1 Timothy

There were 20 participants and 8 churches/denominations represented. Peter Mwangi and I were the teachers. Here are reports from some of the participants:

     * Mr. Peter Marenga said he had learned about the importance of leadership and the family. Especially, he said he learned of a leader’s taking care of his family before he can even lead the church.
     * Pastor Paul Kamau narrated how he had gone through difficulties with his wife in the ministry he was beginning. But God later helped them and today they are doing well as a church.
     * Rev. Stephen Njoroge learned of the importance of the qualities of a leader. He was particularly impressed by the leader having one wife and the wife having one husband.
     * Pastor David Mukuria felt aht leaders should be accountable in their work. He was also happy with the teaching on dressing modestly.

Here is a photo of some of the participants.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

James Kamau, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator


Barnabas Mpekethi, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

Barnabas Mpekethi

On 14th Dec 2017 I conducted the follow up at Karachie Shopping Centre. Among 15 participants, 13 attended the follow up. I was very much encouraged by their love and commitment. Our meeting was scheduled to start at 9:00am but these good brothers and sisters were at the venue of the conference at 8:00am.

All the Pastors present told me that they have started teaching their church members on 1st Timothy and are following our manuals keenly to avoid any framework that might occur. They also informed me that their churches are now growing, not numerically but in the knowledge of God and his true word.

This follow-up helped them to understand a number of issues that are somehow complicated in the book of 1st Timothy; for example: 
   -What is the goal of our instruction?
   -Are women allowed to participate in anything in the Church or they should keep quiet and ask their husbands questions at home? 
   -What is the meaning of men lifting up their hands in the Church while praying?
   -Who is supposed to be entered into the list of widows nowadays?
   -Should the Pastor be paid by the Church or he should carry all the offerings every Sunday just like the prosperity preachers?

I took good time to answer all those questions and some Pastors said that they will allow the Bible to be the final authority in whatever they teach God's people. Four pastors admitted that they have been teaching and preaching their frameworks and not the true word of God due to little knowledge of the word of God.

The following day (15th Dec 2017) I did follow-up with the Muchimikuru church leaders and Pastors. All the 14 participants attended the follow up.
A big number of Pastors and leaders in this locality have come up with a plan of meeting for 2 hours every second Saturday of the month (from3:00pm-5:00pm). The above gave me great hope because I have been with these brethren only two times now. In their meeting they study one chapter of 1st Timothy, then they allow one person at a time to teach, after which they critique each other. This has made them a bit sharper than the time I was teaching them for the first time.

One of the above Pastors told me that after understanding what the Bible teaches on the qualifications of Elders and Deacons in the Church, he decided to demote one church leader who had two wives. Although there was a great shakeup in his Church, a big number stood on the Pastor's side because he has taught Chapter 3 of 1st Timothy using our manual in every Bible study since the time he came across our teachings.

God is doing a good job. May God bless ECLEA in Jesus name.

Bsp. Barnabas, Upper Eastern regional coordinator


James Kamau, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

James Kamau

Report of Naivasha Karagita training session held on Feb 14-16, 2018

We taught The Church: Its Nature, Mission, and Purpose. The meeting was a great blessing and we had a good attendance of 21 delegates even though our target was 18.The pastors and leaders greatly commended the course as one of the best that you have written. They said it will be a great tool especially for doing Discipleship in the Churches. I personally commend it also as a variable tool that I will use in our church for Discipleship.

Rev. Kireri learned that the church should be community oriented and that as he develops the church, he should also develop himself.

Pastor Ann learned that she should not only be church oriented but Kingdom oriented. She felt that this is the kind of leadership that God requires.

In short, I believe this course will bear great fruit.


Fredrick Njoroge, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

Fredrick Njoroge

Here in Nyeri and Nyandarwa region we are and will continue with this noble vision of ECLEA. On 27 Feb-1st March we conducted our first conference on Forgiveness & Reconciliation which was very successful. Our first day was so good for we had twenty participants but the following day only (15) of them turned up.

A number of questions came up and by using the manual and collective interactions we managed to satisfy them, to the extent of the majority asking the course to be repeated next time. All the manuals I had prepared were bought, which was very encouraging. This time I had produced a book kind of manual, though it has small letters.

Here are some photos of the conference:


(Thursday 8th  – Saturday 10th  March 2018)

Team Leaders: Reverend David Njeru & Reverend Peter Mwangi
Course: 1st Timothy
Venue: Jesus Mountain of Joy Ministries Church – Kawangware (Sokoni)
Number of Participants: 11
Denominations represented:
   1. Jesus Mountain of Joy Ministry
   2. Transformation Ministries
   3. Springs of Love Ministry

Summary & Highlights:
      This meeting was to be done in February in another location but the host pastor’s church was demolished as the plot where the church stands has ownership dispute though the church is not involved since they have leased the place from the same landlord.
      Generally, the participants were enthusiastic with many of them confessing that even though they have ever read Timothy, they never saw it in that manner.

Several of the participants with their ECLEA manuals     

One participant confessed how he was addicted to betting and even though he at once won some money – he never knew it was a trap. He realized the money he spent was more than what he won. It was a turnaround in his life.
                                                        Peter Mwangi teaching during the conference                                David Njeru teaching

      During day two lunch break, Rev David Njeru asked the lady who served us lunch if she would consider living joyously in eternity. She answered in affirmative and she was led to Christ. She promised to join the host church. 
                                                               Phyllis, the lady who gave her life to the Lord!

      ECLEA is making a very positive impact in East Africa. We appreciate our director Jonathan Menn and the Kenyan leadership led by Apostle Ernest Mwlistsa. 

Prepared by: Rev. David Njeru – March 10, 2018


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