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Kenya celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its independence in 2013. Kenya has the largest economy in East Africa. The violence that followed the 2007 national elections was a very troubling event for those who love Kenya, especially given the nation's importance. The national elections of 2013, however, marked a return to the peaceful transition of government, and most Kenyans are looking forward to the future with confidence.


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ECLEA in Kenya

ECLEA personnel did their first teaching in Kenya in June 2007. We returned in August of that year. Since that time, ECLEA has been very active throughout Kenya. Most importantly, we have established a good and growing inter-denominational and inter-tribal ECLEA-Kenya committee of pastor-teachers. The fact that we insist on being inter-tribal is particularly important in Kenya which has 42 tribes and where, although sometimes unspoken, tribalism is an important issue. The ECLEA-Kenya team has been the most active of all the East African ECLEA teams in conducting all-African church leader trainings.

Here are updates from ECLEA's Kenya team concerning ECLEA's work in Kenya (older news accounts of ECLEA's work in Kenya and the rest of East Africa are located in the News Archive):

March 11, 2017
Barnabas Mpekethi, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

Barnabas Mpekethi

I did 1 Timothy on 23rd - 25th Feb 2017 in Nchiru. The conference was attended by 16 church leaders and pastors, seven denominations were represented.

God brought to me on that day two prosperity preachers who opposed almost everything in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of 1 Timothy. I told them that the goal of our preaching is love, which comes from a pure heart and a sincere faith. When I emphasized how the prosperity preachers are misleading God’s people with their fake teachings they were unable to tolerate; they left after lunch.

The fourteen who were left promised me that they will be the ambassadors of true gospel in and out of the season.
Some pastors confessed that they have been teaching people myths and endless genealogies due to lack of enough knowledge. One old preacher of the gospel confessed that after church service for about 22 years, his wife carries the offering of the church without recording because the Bible says what the left hand has done, the right hand should not know. I told them that church records should not be kept by the wives of the pastors but by transparent and accountable people in our respective denominations. The man said that his framework was highly challenged by chapter five of 1 Timothy and vowed that he will not repeat that kind of mistakes in his Ministry life.

Best Regards, Bishop Barnabas


March 18, 2017
James Kamau, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

James Kamau

On March 8-10, Ernest Mwilitsa and I led an Expository Preaching workshop for 14 participants at Naivasha Karagita.

Ernest Mwilitsa

Here are some of the comments:
* Pastor Christine Kamau said she learned how to help the congregation apply the Word of God and how to make an outline of the message she will preach.
* Pastor Rachel KKimani said she had learned how to become an effective minister and to have a good delivery of a sermon. She also learned the importance of hearing from God before saying anything to the audience.
* Reverend Robert said he now can prepare a message well from the introduction all the way to the conclusion, not forgetting to do a good application.
There was also a time of preaching and assessments for 4 of the participants.

Ernest & James (front row) and some of the participants
with their books

In His Name, James Kamau


March 28, 2017
Fredrick Njoroge, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

Fredrick Njoroge

My second conference ended last weekend. We did 1st Timothy. I am pleased to report that, this conference was a unique one in this region, because I had one senior leader of those who wear turbines on their head. He said that he could not be accompanied by his fellow leaders because he had to test the waters first. You can see the man in the photo—he was one of the best contributors in the conference, especially when we came to chapter 5.

Participants with their mauals (Fredrick is squatting)

Can you imagine he went home with 2 Swahili versions and 1 English manual without any struggle or heavy persuasion. It was fantastic! For your information this group does not believe in education of any kind.

God bless you, Rev. Fredrick Njoroge


March 29, 2017
Barnabas Mpekethi, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

Barnabas Mpekethi

I did Forgiveness and Reconcilliation on 23rd to 25th March 2017. I was unable to conduct the conferences as earlier scheduled because I was involved in a number of activities (I am in class doing a diploma course with the Nairobi Pentecostal Bible College, church activities and am also involved in the national politics since I am a Bishop – playing a clean game not dirty politics).

I expected 15 participants in this conference but the number increased the second day to 20 people because the man who had come alone the first day decided to bring either their wife or their brothers because forgiveness is not taught skillfully in this locality as it is in our manual.

Two brothers who attended the conference and belong to one church amazed us when I gave each member a piece of paper directly to the members to give their offenders. When I requested the groups to explain the significance of the same, the two brothers were unable to withhold their tears. I decided to go deeper to their cases. One of them said that he was not expecting his brother in Christ to beg him for forgiveness depending with the level of hurt and instead of the offender asking for forgiveness the offended wrote him a letter requesting for forgiveness. The brother was excommunicated and was removed from the church leadership due to false allegation from the offender. To cut a long story short, I told the offender that he should go back to his church and reveal all his false allegations and ask for the forgiveness if he is a heavenly candidate.

Yesterday I received a message from the pastor of that church congratulating me and ECLEA at large. He told me that the two guys went to court of Law in Meru town but there was no solution that was arrived at except that the matter was referred to the area chief who had nothing to offer.

The above was triggered by myself giving them my own story on how I lived with my father for 16 and above years and how you took me through the process of forgiveness and reconciliation and at the final analysis I and my father are living harmoniously and in great love.

The participants raised so many issues whether they should seek for the law after forgiving. I told them that they should forgive and allow the legal process to take place.

Great was the impact in the third day when brothers and sisters were requesting each other for forgiveness. I informed them that forgiving is a must while reconciliation is not a must since it takes two to reconcile. Forgiving is a one man decision and must be exercised at times regardless of the level of harm.

Best regards to all, Bishop Barnabas Mpekethi


April 2, 2017
Robert Mwago, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

Robert Mwago

I hereby wish to let you know that our follow-up meetings for the Forgiveness and Reconciliation course both at Karurina and Gatunduri went on well on Friday and Saturday respectively.

At Karurina we had the most touching testimony of one woman whose two children were killed by her relatives (in-laws), where one was offered as a sacrifice following the commands of a witch. She says after we taught this course she has been able to move on after she forgave her relatives. She also says she has been able to have a lot of peace which she did not experience before she was taught how to forgive.

At Gatunduri we also had a touching testimony where one woman shared with us how the course has been able to help her; she told us how her abusive husband always beats her up for no particular reason and how she had developed deep resentment and unforgiveness toward her husband. But after teachings on Forgiveness and Reconciliation she was able to forgive her husband. I asked to share her experiences with her relatives in order to come up with a way of dealing with the abuse once and for all as this is a threat to her life.

Many people, especially women, and even pastors loved the course so much as it helps deliver them from unseen prisons and chains.


We did our two AA Conferences in Kiruga and Githunguri as planned. We had to reschedule the one for Githunguri to 31st March to 2nd April. Below are the reports:

The conference was very interactive though at first Pastors had problems with preposition. The conference had 18 pastors and leaders. The most difficult part was the applications because many pastors do not know how to bring the word to now. Many pastors are used to topical sermons and after they learnt this they concluded that expository is the only way you can be faithful to the word of God.

Participants with their books

This is the best conference I have had since we started this program. We were also privileged to have Ernest [Mwilitsa—ECLEA-Kenya’s national coordinator] for one day and I can confirm that the pastors promised to invite us to teach their church leaders especially the stewardship of church and finances. The conference had 28 members whereby they agreed to cater for the extra expense. The time management matrix was very interesting to learn that any use their time in crisis. They remarked that stewardship book is really spiritual though at first they thought otherwise because they could not connect anything spiritual with environment. I am doing follow up using our forms and within a short time I will be able to report how this has impacted individuals.

In His service,
Thomas Mwai Ng’ang’a, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator


On 8th-10th May 2017, my wife (Winrose) and I took the Biblical Marriage and Parenting course to Maua. 18 Church Leaders and Pastors attended the conference; 9 denominations were represented. 

                                                                            Bishop Barnabas who led the course 

This course was very new to the couples who attended the conference. Many of them were asking so many questions concerning the initial plan of God towards marriage. when we were through with the introduction, the origin and nature of marriage, we all came to a common agreement that our job in marriage is to obey what God says regarding His institution and not to follow the African beliefs concerning marriage.
My wife Winrose gave them an example of how I used to be bitter and how I was not able to understand her for 14 years in marriage and how things changed after we went through this course together. She told them that it is very important for husband and wife to attend the Marriage and Parenting conference together rather than one partner. She confessed that our life as a couple has changed from worse to better and has yielded fruits and the impact is not only felt by our children but even the Churches we oversee.
Many couples in the conference confessed that they thought the beliefs they were taught by their mentors who knew nothing about the Word of God, hence oppressing their partners. And due to that bad conception even some Pastors who attended the conference were unable to take their children to the high school.
I cannot be able to write everything that took place in the conference and the impact made by this course to our people, not only non-saved but even them that are saved and appointed by the Church to lead different departments and are yet struggling with their marriages. The participants requested us to go back as soon as possible and continue with the same course because we covered only three quarters of our manual.

May God bless ECLEA. Regards,
Bsp. Barnabas, Upper Eastern Coordinator


June 15, 2017
Bob Mwangi, ECLEA-Kenya Regional Coordinator

Bob Mwangi

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our God is good and of his grace we have been able to do three conferences on Biblical Stewardship and one TOT on Biblical Stewardship. We had conferences at
     1. Lighthouse Worship Centre, 23-25 Feb, with 14 participants and 10 in the follow-up on 1 May 2017.
     2. First Baptist Pentecostal Church, 2nd-4th March, with 18 participants and 11 in the follow-up on 4th May 2017.
     3. Mwangaza Foursquare Church, 27th-1 March 2017, with 16 participants and 12 in the follow-up on 6th May 2017; we also had 1 TOT at Jesus Manifestation Centre.

We had good fellowship, and pastors and leaders participated very well in the conferences. These are some of the things they shared:

  • we should be committed stewards like Eliezer, Joseph, and Jesus because today God is counting on us to be good managers and to be accountable in all Gods affairs;
  • to be above reproach as God's steward;
  • we human beings are created in the image of God and we have a blessing from God to have stewardship over everything that exists because it is all God’s creation;
  • things created  by God reveals him and they should not be worshiped, so we should worship God alone;
  • we should teach people that God is greater than mountains, rivers, seas, and oceans so he is God and he is greater than anything and He is able to carry us through in all things and all ways all the time;
  • we should have stewardship of oneself and others so we need to love one another because we belong to one another and we are one family;
  • we need to be good stewards of time because failing to plan is planning to fail;
  • we should be good managers of time which God has given to us;
  • we should take good care of our bodies because it is a gift that God have given to us to help us to serve him--our bodies are the temple of the Holy spirit and we need to practice holiness;
  • we should keep our houses clean we should always dispose waste products;
  • to wash regularly with a soap;
  • we should also plant good trees and flowers around our houses and also cut the grass and to make sure that the drainage are good to avoid mosquitoes;
  • to have good stewardship of our relationships by practicing practical ways to demonstrate love the five love languages towards one another
       1. words of affirmation
       2. quality time
       3. giving and receiving gifts
       4. arts of service
       5. the touch
  • we should take good care in money and possessions we should practice a good household budget; to be good givers by Gods grace we should have a church budget and practise it; the church have a responsibility to care for the poor and the needy, widows, widowers, orphans etc.

During the conferences and  follow-ups people were able to participate and educate one another and promised to be praying for ECLEA to keep on serving the church of Jesus Christ.


Barnabas Mpekethi, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

Barnabas Mpekethi

I reside far away from my region due to ministry work. But by God's grace I am doing well despite the minor challenges I encounter at the field level.

I was able to do follow-up at Nchiru on 24th May 2017. Only two leaders were absent from the previous number. All the rest were present and punctual. After interrogating them I realized that they have gone through our manual on 1st Timothy two times.

They now know what every Chapter entails and have started to teach the villagers the true gospel and qualities of Elders and Deacons in the house of God since many were appointed to lead the Churches even before attending theological schools hence binging up unhealthy Churches in the region. Many prosperity preachers are fighting what we are doing, while a good number of them are running away because their false doctrine is not accepted in this small town.

On 25th I had good times with couples at Maua town. I was surprised to see two more couples that were not in our previous Biblical Marriage and Parenting course. When I asked them why did they attended the seminar, they told me that they have seen a very great change in the lives of their neighbours and when they noticed that there will be a follow-up, they decided to participate. They gave us a testimony of one Church that has started to grow numerically due to great love and harmony that the Pastor and his wife have developed after attending the M&P course.

Three couples have already come up with four sittings in their families.
     1.Sitting for prayers.
     2.Sitting for finances
     3.Sitting for children
     4.Sitting for quarrels and disputes in the family set up.

On 27th I spent the day at Muthara. What amazed me was the effort made by the participants in the area of forgiveness and reconciliation. A big number of them know me very well and the great enmity that took place between me and my father for Sixteen and half years before I met with you, Jonathan. I told them that they should take initiative first and not to stand their ground and think that things will solve themselves automatically. I reminded the participants of the 4Ds, i.e., Decide, Discuss, Detoxify, and Devote. About two-thirds of the participants have applied the same to their families and great is the change. They promised me that they will be good ambassadors of forgiveness and reconciliation in the society, family, and churches.

During the follow-up I introduced the following:
     a. Simple written tests for them to fill in the gaps.
     b. Group discussion for 30 minutes.
     c. I took at least five people to present and later be critiqued by the rest.

Finally I promised them that after they are through with ECLEA courses and be able to teach and apply the teachings in their churches, family and personal life, we will plan on how certificates can be awarded to them.

May God of heaven bless ECLEA.

Regards, Bishop Barnabas


James Kamau, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

James Kamau

Murungaru Nyandarua: June 14-16, 2017

We had 13 participants for the course on Biblical Stewardship. James Kamau and Tom Mboya led the teaching. The delegates were lively and eager to learn. Here are some testimonies:

Rev. Gabriel Munhiri said the meeting had opened him up, especially on the areas of time and managing other resources that God had given him. He also said he understood the area of giving better, and that would help him very much in the church.

Rev. James Kihara said the teachings would go a long way inhelping his church grow in all facets of stewardship. He was particularly helped in the area of the church and finances which he understands better now and which will help him manage the church finances better.

Pastor Zacary Mwangi said the teachings will be a great tool for his church, and he intends to teach them for a long time to come so that the church can understand and implement the material. All were grateful to ECLEA and requested more courses.

Respectfully submitted, James Kamau


James Kamau, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

James Kamau

Naivasha: July 12-14, 1 Timothy

We did a teaching on 1 Timothy in Naivasha Town with 18 participants. They were excited about the program and were very attentive to get all that was being taught.

Margaret Hama said she was happy to learn about Godliness with contentment. She was happy to learn that even if one became rich, she should not become proud but should put God first instead of riches.

Janet Katunge also learned the importance of putting God first and the qualifications of a leader. She also learned the importance of thanking God for what one has.

Noel (from Tanzania) was happy to learn about the qualifications to be a leader in the church. he promised to serve God better and with greater passion.

Florence learned the importance of the house of God and to serve better.

Naivasha participants with their manuals

On July 6 we also did a follow-up meeting in Wanjohi for the course on Biblical Stewardship we had taught there previously. There were 16 participants. Most of the discussion centered on the stewardship of money, including budgeting. We encouraged those who had not been using their manuals effectively to do so. They promised they would.

Wanjohi follow-up delegates


Robert Mwago, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

Robert Mwago

August 6, 2017—Report of Three Conferences

I hereby do wish to let you know that we yesterday wound up our three conferences on Biblical Interpretation that were scheduled for the third and fourth week of July, and the first week of August, at Kevote, Ngurubani, and Githimu, respectively.

The meetings were very successful, going by the much appreciation that came from the delegates of this three meetings. Much of the reason behind these, I think, is since I learned how to use the eight hermeneutical tools to aid me in my teaching, my work has become easier for me to teach, and easy for people to understand.

In my follow-up meeting I expect the delegates to do much of the work as far as the Biblical Interpretation course is concerned. I will also be able to gauge how much understanding they have gained from the course.

Respectfully submitted, Robert Mwago


David Njeru, ECLEA-Kenya regional coordinator

(Thursday 20th – Saturday 21st July 2017)

Team Leaders: Pastor David Njeru & Reverend Peter Mwangi (This was our very first meeting to prepare, organize, coordinate, mobilize & conduct though we have taught alongside other ECLEA teachers in other parts of Kenya).

Course: Biblical Stewardship

Venue: Jesus Mountain of Joy Ministries Church – Kawangware (Sokoni); Number of Participants: 17;
Denominations represented:
1. Jesus Mountain of Joy Ministry
2. Transformation Ministries
3. Alpha Missions & Deliverance Ministry
4. Springs of Love Ministry
5. Victorious Life Centre Ministry
6. The Eyes of the Lord Evangelistic Ministry
7. Word Explosion Ministry
8. Faith Chapel
9. Precious Blood Ministry

Summary highlights & responses from the participants:
     a) Baraka said he used to waste a lot of time watching television until his ministry and prayer life was affected. He changed instantly after this lesson. He also committed to teach on the importance of taking care of the environment.
     b) John said his culture allows wife inheritance but from now he will be an advocate of biblical truth like never before..
     c) A concern that three days was not enough to cover the contents adequately and that we need more frequent teachings, say monthly.

Prepared by: David Njeru


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