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The United Republic of Tanzania takes its name from the union of the mainland formerly known as Tanganyika and the island of Zanzibar. Geographically, Tanzania is larger than the rest of East Africa (which technically does not yet include South Sudan) combined. Tanzania is strategically very important not only because of its size but also because of the size and influence of Islam (Zanzibar is approximately 97% Muslim).



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ECLEA in Tanzania

ECLEA personnel began their work in Tanzania in April 2008. Particularly beginning in 2011 we have spent much effort in the country. We now have a well-organized ECLEA-Tanzania committee that itcludes national, zonal, regional, district, and local coordinators, headed by national coordinator Dickson Laizer and national secretary Joram Ibrahim. The ECLEA-Tanzania team is active in conducting all-Tanzanian church leader conferences and TOTs (training of trainers).

Here are updates from ECLEA's Tanzania team concerning ECLEA's work in Tanzania (older news accounts of ECLEA's work in Tanzaniaa and the rest of East Africa are located in the News Archive):

Joram Ibrahim, ECLEA-Tanzania national coordinator

December 2023
n 2022 we had tree classes which they have graduated.
2023 five classes, of them we have done two graduations already by now. He has already organized ten classes for 2024 we will seek your support for five classes and we will ran other five by our own means.

Our two graduations done at Mbulu where 14 students graduated, and Riroda Babati where a total of 19 graduated, 15 from Riroda Class and 4 from Mwanza class. 7 students qualified for graduation at Mwanza class where four of them came to Riroda three will be waiting till next time. All those graduated were conferred with Advanced Diploma in Theology and Leadership.

We are looking forward to Tanga graduation next January on 27th where 24 students from Maramba will join 14 Tanga class students for graduation, to be conferred with Advanced Diploma in Theology and Leadership the same as all others.
We will have Rosemary and Paul teach our new class in Arusha before going with them to Tanga. I believe that will be exciting moment.

We are working on a curriculum for a degree course in theology and leadership, where we are planning to use ECLEA courses plus few others non ECLEA courses. As we extend our services, we will need to prepare more teachers who will be qualified and competent. We have nominated twelve smart students from different classes, to bring them together for ToT on the second week of January 2024.

Also, we are obliged to have a mandatory institute annual meeting and report to the government.

Be blessed, Joram


Joram Ibrahim, ECLEA-Tanzania national coordinator

September 2023:

Conferences we did have been very effective, we have successfully organized for two more classes at Katesh and Dodoma, and we hope for another one at Duga. The Katesh class is already established and started this September. We arrange ourselves to take our extra classes on our own means. 

Our classes are going on well, one of the subjects students are supposed to do is writing a problem solving research paper. Some are in the process of bringing their proposals, while for other we have already proved their proposals and have way forward for taking the research. Among many we have a retired pediatric specialist medical doctor in Tanga class, and he have chosen to do his research on growth retardness to children at the age of one to five years of age. In this research our student will have to work with some medical practitioner officers such as nursing officers and health officers. he will use government hospital premises and equipment.  This has a facilitation budget of Tsh 400,000/= to enable helping health officers and transportation cost. I have decided to support this facilitation budget knowing this research will speak to the government about ECLEA.

We have number of testimonies from our students, for the type of valuable life transforming training they receive in our classes. This week we had extra days for practical expository preaching both at Maramba and Tanga city. We gave 20 minutes of preaching to each student and almost ten minutes of critics. It has been very powerful and very productive as we do this two weeks after learning expository preaching class.

We are now planning for graduation at Tanga, Mwanza and Manyara classes.

Be blessed,


Joram Ibrahim, ECLEA-Tanzania national coordinator

First Quarter, 2023

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In Tanzania ECLEA is on the move. We are proceeding with what God established us for.

Our Mwanza and Misungwi class are still there, but we have decided to join the classes from next month as they are almost hundred kilometers away, in order to reinforce the Mwanza class as number of students is concerned. We have encouraged Misungwi students to travel to Mwanza this year those who cannot afford to travel we will be with them again next year when we resume the Misungwi class.

Mwanza and Misungi Class: Paul Mdimi did Mark 1 in both stations and Julius did 1 Timothy in February then Paul Mdini and Lazaro did James and Islam respectively last month. We are working on improving the number of committed students, we have good number of course participants but we are trying to make them committed to the class, as those who are registered as students are only seven in Mwanza class while they are fewer in Misungwi.

We have started using our new teachers. Stephano taught 1 Timothy at Babati, and Bishop Sumaye did the same subject at Liroda in February. Our lady teachers Pendo taught Biblical Marriage and Parenting, she proved to be good in it, and Tumaini taught Forgiveness and Reconciliation at Babati and Liroda respectively during the month of March.

Bishop Sheggah did Biblical Marriage and Parenting, then Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Tanga. We established another class in Mbulu last month, where Paul Mdimi taught James and 1 Timothy. And another class in Maramba where Lazoro did Islam and Christianity. All our classes are good, as students are eager to learn, yet Tanga class is more alive with interactions and discussions.

We have successfully registered ECLEA in Tanzania and we have received our certificate. We have been registered not as only Church Leaders but community leaders. We have been advised to register as Community Leaders and be permitted to deal with Church Leaders and be able to extend to touch the community with our teachings (Church Leaders is part of Community Leaders) this means we can deal not only with Christians, but also we are allowed to target our teachings to non-Christians as different societies are concerned, from family level, village to city levels and so on. Our registration is Equipping Community Leaders East Africa. The registration will last for ten years.

Now ECLEA-TZ works as a registered entity and recognized by the government laws. Apart from what we can do, as a registered entity we are need to have an office, where our address will be located. We have found an office at Elim Pentecost Church in Arusha spoken to the Church leaders and have agreed to give us a room to accommodate us in a room where we will pay a subscription of Tsh 100,000/= per month. Which is almost less than US $50. Which is very fair. It is an empty room which needs some office furniture and fittings, like a desk and at least six chairs, shelfs and wardrobe for locking important documents. The government can cross check with us as to see if we are doing what we are registered for. Yet we will have to keep accounts records of our finance. We are in the process of getting a TIN (Tax Payer Identification Number) then be allowed to open a bank account and do fund raising for our activities.

To God be the Glory! Joram


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