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Accounts of ECLEA's training conferences are set forth below, often with photos. Accounts of all-African conferences and TOTs are contained in the pages of the individual East African countries (click on the flags above to go to the pages of the countries). Older news accounts are located in the News Archive. News items are added regularly, so please stop back often.

Additionally, ECLEA's director, Jonathan Menn, maintains a blog related to ECLEA that includes entries pertaining to his book, Biblical Eschatology, sermons he has preached, the activities of ECLEA-trained East African pastor-teachers, and other matters.

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ECLEA Director Jonathan Menn with Maasai Leader Boniface Kugotha

ECLEA Director Jonathan Menn with Maasai leader Boniface Kugotha at a Biblical Stewardship TOT in Nairobi.

Jonathan Menn-ECLEA Director
Jonathan Menn

2023 has been a momentous year for ECLEA. ECLEA began its existence as a ministry of Community Church of Appleton, Wisconsin. This year, with the blessing of the Community Church, we have completed the process of separately incorporating as our own, independent 501(c)(3) organization! Our name is the same. We opened our own bank account at Associated Bank in Appleton. Brenda Haase has agreed to continue to be our bookkeeper. So, organizationally, things will continue pretty much as in the past. We hope that our new status will assist with promotion, recruitment, and fundraising.

On the field, our work—both from the American side and indigenously by the East Africans—has continued unabated. We did suffer the unexpected loss in October of our friend and Swahili translator, Michael Nyangusi. Fortunately, we have also worked with other Swahili translators, but Michael will be missed. New ECLEA books and translations have been completed, and ECLEA has extended its relationships with East African colleges and theological schools. Here are some of the year’s highlights:

Jonathan’s work in East Africa
I was again able to make five trips to East Africa. In January-February, I was in Rwanda, where I taught Expository Preaching and 1 Timothy (twice). In March-April, I was in Burundi and did Biblical Eschatology (twice). In June, I was in Tanzania and taught 1 Peter, Ruth, Jonah, and Habakkuk. In August, I went to Kenya and taught Habakkuk, James, Ruth, and The Church: Its Nature, Mission, and Purpose. I also participated in the graduation ceremony of 36 students at the Nairobi Pentecostal Bible College, Karatina Center, who completed their 2-year diploma program (utilizing ECLEA course books). Finally, in October, I was in Uganda where I taught Galatians (three times) and Biblical Stewardship. I also participated in TWO graduation ceremonies of 41 and 29 students, respectively, who received certificates, diplomas, degrees, and even a masters degree from East Africa Polytechnic College Kyambogo (the theological school which has partnered with ECLEA in Uganda). In short, a wonderful and productive year where the gospel is being taught broadly and deeply throughout East Africa!

Frank Cummings’ work in East Africa
While teaching a Biblical Counseling course in Kenya last fall, Frank received an email inviting him to teach that same course in South America, specifically at a remote enclave in the Amazon jungle. The organization which facilitated the logistics for the February 2023 trip was RiverWind whose headquarters are located in the river city of Pucallpa, Peru. As God would have it, the biblical counseling manual was translated into Spanish, thus, the only ECLEA manual which has been translated into multiple non-East African languages including Arabic and Spanish (as well as Swahili). The students (approximately 30) of all ages had a hunger and thirst for learning how to be effective biblical counselors. The facilitators and translators had keen insights about the workshop format/style. In the jungle, like at some places in East Africa, there was no electricity. The enclave was powered at some points in the day by a generator. It was extremely hot and Frank met some of the nicest people (and a few snakes too)! However, the security situation in the jungle is moderately dangerous. A couple of the villagers were beaten by some drug cartel thugs. In fact, the USA’s DEA has partnered with some South American governments resulting in the cocaine growing and processing trade taking over land in the Amazon jungle. One of the cartels took over 300 acres of land donated to RiverWind to grow and process cocaine. Unrelated to the cocaine trade, there were about 50 police in riot gear inside the Lima airport as a show of force after farmers in the Machu Picchu area protested the Peruvian president being jailed.  Pray for the people of Peru during these difficult times. ECLEA’s influence is now reaching more people than ever. We need your prayers and financial support to continue this important ministry. Solo Deo Gloria!  

Paul and Rosemary Nelsen’s work in East Africa
Rosemary and Paul were not on the field teaching this year, but Rosemary was revising her Bible Literacy Course No. 2, which is called “Where Do They Fit?” This course has always been the hardest for Rosemary to teach and for people to sit through due to the five United Kingdom books (Job through Song of Solomon) and the 17 prophecy books (Isaiah through Malachi). Now, in the revised course, each book from Job to Malachi has a summary statement, with much more on each book under that statement. A big change that she made was to put the prophecy books into chronological order. Rosemary and Paul will be teaching in Tanzania for a week during January 2024.

Jacob Boldig’s work in East Africa
In 2023, Jake became the treasurer for ECLEA and worked to start transitioning the banking functionalities in the manner required now that ECLEA has become a 501(c)(3) organization. Jake taught The Church: Its Nature, Mission, and Purpose in Uganda with Alex Obaale. In the latter portion of the course, the pastors each prepared to teach a portion of the course with great effectiveness. Great emphasis was put on the Church’s need to disciple members and equip their flock to disciple others. Various pastors mentioned that they developed a new perspective on the value in planting churches despite the fear of “sheep stealing” in East Africa. Jake is praying that this will bear fruit in a more unified Church on earth.

All-African ECLEA training conferences
ECLEA’s name reflects what we stand for: we equip church leaders of East Africa so they can equip others. As a result, the vast majority of ECLEA’s work is done by the East Africa church leaders themselves! In 2023 our East African ECLEA teams kept moving forward, teaching at the different centers they established:
* Burundi: Rema Ministries (ECLEA’s teaching partner in Burundi) have done over 50 training sessions around the country and had a graduation ceremony in March!
* Kenya: Kenya’s regional coordinators led approximately 100 ECLEA conferences.
* Rwanda: Under national coordinator Protais Nshogoza, our Rwandan ECLEA teams did approximately 50 all-African training conferences this year.
* Tanzania: Joram Ibrahim, ECLEA-Tanzania’s national coordinator, and the ECLEA-Tanzania team have led over 50 conferences.
* Uganda: Under Bishop Stephen Sempala’s leadership, over 300 all-African teaching conferences and follow-ups were conducted around the country.

Reports from the all-African training conferences are available on the individual country pages of the ECLEA website (; reports of my conferences are on the “News & Blog” page of the website (

The impact of ECLEA
ECLEA’s vision and goal is: “Deep Foundations=>Healthy Churches=>Transformed Lives.” Here are some comments from East Africans I have received concerning the impact ECLEA is having:
* Stephano Edward (Tanzania): When I was planning and thinking about equipping members of the body of Christ in our local church where I stand as pastor, what came in my mind are the ECLEA course materials I had. How thankful I am for what ECLEA does in the body of Christ! 
* Osinde Wilbrod (Uganda): I am preparing for a course in Expository Preaching and found your material very useful. Thank you so much.
* Njapit Philip (Kenya): The ECLEA materials are of great help to our churches and the body of Christ in Maasai Land. The Lord bless you for the good work.

Other ECLEA happenings
In addition to our multiple church leader training conferences all over East Africa, ECLEA has a number of other projects to increase our lasting impact and effectiveness. These include:

* ECLEA books and video lectures: In 2023 our ECLEA book on Ephesians, and the accompanying set of video lectures, was finalized. All of our books and video lectures are on the “ECLEA Courses & Resources” page of the website: The video lectures (as well as videos of other matters pertaining to East Africa and ECLEA’s work) also are on the ECLEA YouTube video channel:

* ECLEA book translations. Translations of several of our books also were completed in 2023. These include the KISWAHILI translation of Ephesians and the LUGANDA translation of all of our books (except Biblical Eschatology and Christianity and Islam: The Essentials—both of which are in process)! All of our translations are on the “ECLEA Courses & Resources” page of the website:

* School partnerships. Our ECLEA teaching books provide some of the most in-depth teaching available. One of our goals is to establish partnerships or agreements with existing East African theological schools whereby our materials become part of the schools’ curriculum. ECLEA now has relationships with Lawrence Bible University in Rwanda, Bishop Kiguru Bible College in Tanzania (that endeavor is called the East Africa Theological Bible Institute-TZ), Nairobi Pentecostal Bible College in Kenya, and East Africa Polytechnic College Kyambogo in Uganda.

Looking ahead
By God’s grace we will continue moving forward in all areas in 2024. We take seriously Christ’s commission to go “to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Few others are doing what we are doing—none is doing church leader training and preparing and translating excellent books that go to the heart of what Christians and church leaders need on the scale we are doing it.

You can make a difference
* Giving opportunities: 100% of donations goes to the work of the ministry. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Your financial support is necessary (it enables us to go “to the ends of the earth,” translate our books into the indigenous languages, and also helps facilitate the all-African training conferences). It is paying great dividends (as I hope you see from the above report).

Tax-deductible giving can be done through the website (, automatic fund transfers can be arranged through your bank, or checks (payable to ECLEA) can be sent to the ECLEA office at 3701 N. Gillett St., Appleton, WI 54914.

* To contact ECLEA's bookkeeper: If you wish to contact Benda Haase, ECLEA’s bookkeeper, her office number is 920-731-5523 and her email address is

* We value your input and suggestions. Let us know what you think! If you no longer wish to receive these updates, please let us know, and I will be happy to remove you from the mailing list.

Thank you and God bless you,

Jonathan Menn (ECLEA Director)                                                                                                                                                                                                                               TOP OF PAGE

Jonathan Menn, ECLEA Director
Jonathan Menn

October 2023
Bishop Stephen Sempala and I have just completed a week in Jinja, UG, which is near the source of the Nile. We did two courses: Galatians and Biblical Stewardship, with approximately 28 participants.

Apartments near our venue in Jinja

Galatians goes to the heart of the gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. As such, Christianity is unlike any other religion or worldview. Every other view holds that your "salvation" (however conceived) is up to you--to work harder and do enough good deeds. Christianity alone says that we can never be good enough: since God is perfect, he holds us to the standard of perfection. Hence, our salvation is 100% based on what Christ has done for us. We looked at how comprehensive the gospel is: it affects and has implications for all areas of life. Lots of Q&A helped to flesh this out.

Biblical Stewardship complements Galatians. This course shows how the gospel and the Bible in general apply to all areas of life, including the environment, our mind, time, bodies, relationships, money, and the church. In the section on money, we talked about how to budget. This was very important since, with only one exception, none of the participants and none of the churches they represent had budgets. If they implement what we talked about, this could change their lives in a very positive way. Please pray that they will do so.

On Saturday there was a graduation ceremony. Here in Uganda, ECLEA has partnered with East Africa Polytechnic College-Kyambo (EAPCK), an accredited institution of higher education. The students all took ECLEA courses as part of their curriculum. Of the 41 graduates, some received certificates, some diplomas, others degrees, and even masters! More than one of the speakers and officials stated how excellent and valuable ECLEA materials are. That is most gratifying. Next week, we will have another graduation ceremony in Kyazanga, western Uganda. We now have similar arrangements with accredited institutions of higher education in each of the countries we go to. I am very grateful for this. It ensures that ECLEA will continue to have a great impact throughout East Africa for a long time to come.


The second week was spent in the Kyazanga area of western Uganda. I had never been to Kyazanga before. It is about 40 km from the city of Masaka. Although Kyazanga is a good-sized town, it has the look and feel of a big village.

Stephen and it did Jonah and Galatians to a group of about 15 participants at a small church a few kilometers outside of Kyazanga. In fact, we had to drive off the road and "into the bush" to get there ("there" being, as I described it, "just east of the middle of nowhere"). Both courses went well. Jonah impressed several of the participants with the need for them and their churches to step out of their "comfort zones" and go to where the people are to engage them with the gospel. Stephen and I shared teaching Galatians. I am glad that he simply taught in Luganda, without translation for my benefit into English. His sessions proved to be quite lively.

    Driving in the bush (church in background)                                   Our venue                                                Our excellent cooks

After Jonah was completed, Pastor Lusi gave a lengthy testimony. She has gone through several hardships in her life and does not speak English. However, her life has been transformed in large part because of ECLEA's teaching. She thinks the world of ECLEA's materials because they are in her native Luganda. She now has a real ministry. To show her gratitude, she gave me a small woven bowl and gave Stephen a large batch of matoke (Uganda's national food, made from plantains), a chicken, and a duck!

Pastor Lusi (holding chicken)

On Saturday there was the second ECLEA-East Africa Polytechnic College Kyambogo (EAPCK) graduation ceremony. Fifteen graduates (including pastor Lusi) received certificates, 14 received diplomas, and one received a graduate diploma. This is a big deal; a local government official was present and made a short speech.

I will now be home until the last half of January, when I plan on returning to Rwanda. I thank those of you who hold ECLEA in your prayers and support us financially. Your support is paying big dividends in the lives of thousands of individuals and churches throughout East Africa.


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