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Uganda lies on the northern and northwestern shores of Lake Victoria and includes a large portion of the lake within its national territory. It is otherwise surrounded by South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo. Called by Winston Chruchill the "pearl of Africa," Uganda is now enjoying a period of relative peace and stability.



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ECLEA in Uganda

Uganda is the first East African nation in which Jonathan Menn taught (in 2005). That trip was a key point in changing the focus of Jonathan's life and ultimately led to the formation of ECLEA. The formal commencement of ECLEA in early 2013 necessitated the formation of a new ECLEA-Uganda committee of pastor-teachers. We now have a solid and lasting, Uganda-based, structure that will result in much fruit in the years to come.

Here are updates from ECLEA's Uganda team concerning ECLEA's work in Uganda (older news accounts of ECLEA's work in Uganda and the rest of East Africa are located in the News Archive):

March 1, 2017
Stephen Sempala, ECLEA-Uganda national coordinator

Stephen Sempala

We had a good time in Soroti training leaders in Biblical Marriage & Parenting.

There were 12 couples, and 4 pastors who did not come with their wives. These were some of the questions the leaders raised:

1. Why a man is allowed to divorce his wife because of marital faithfulness and yet this is not so with a woman?

2. At what level should women endure being submissive to their husbands, even if the men are not doing what is right or taking advantage of the women?

3. It looks impossible to help the situation of a man who gets saved and he has been polygamous in the sense that he has to choose among his wives to whom to stay with?. How can a church practically help this process of bringing harmony to that family?

4. Can a pastor or Christian brother divorce his wife because of impotence?

These questions created a great platform for a collective participation of the leaders. These questions were answered because the book itself had the answers, though we were not able to finish the whole book but as we will be doing TOT we will finish it.

Best Regards, Bishop Stephen Sempala


Alex Obaale, ECLEA-Uganda regional coordinator

July 29, 2017—Reports from Eastern Uganda

At this time am one day done with TOT with Rev. Francis on Forgiveness and Reconciliation here in Soroti. It is well attended and the vibrancy of that team always leaves a thankful mood to God. Please keep praying for Soroti ECLEA team. God is doing amazing things in the lives of pastors in Soroti.


Kaberamaido District is 78km north west of Soroti and dominantly occupied by the kumam speakers. Over 45% are Catholics; about 30% are Anglicans; and 20% Evangelicals; the rest are others. The Church that hosted the conference was Berean Fellowship church with Rev. Agatu Stephen who has many local assemblies throughout the district and beyond.

I travelled on muddy road and in most cases our omnibus would get stuck-on the way. God kept me in and out of Kaberamaido. The guest house I lodged in is called DIVINE MERCY. People were welcoming, but I had bad night experience when it rained the roof was leaking directly to my most part of the night I kept awake.

The pastors who were invited were 25. On the first day were 14 showed up and also late. We began the conference coming to 11am. We ended the conference with 16 pastors.

They were challenged with issues of Church discipline: Most of them said and admitted that they no longer administered the church discipline. In fact they said they feared to do church discipline.

On issues of strange doctrines: One of the examples given which is happening there in Kabaremaido is that of formally married couples before getting saved are free to separate and marry any person of their choice. Second to that there is a teaching that any woman who is barren could becoming pregnant especially if "a pastor" could wash her private parts with anointed the end has sex with her...there are a lot of people believing this teaching. Great awakening and challenge to pastors was on learning about their prayer life. Most of them have been only talking to God but had no time to listen to God. They talk a lot and listen less or not

We were not able to complete the book as most of time the teachings brought constructive arguments; but in the TOT next month I believe this would really have a more reaching and deep impact in the lives of these pastors.

They embraced the ECLEA conference as one noted that I wish they had got this teaching early in their lives. They showed their willingness to continue with the conferences. They contributed money for the manuals.

Greater thanks to ECLEA for providing funds for food and facilitators transport and lodging.

Bishop Stephen thank you for your great heart and opportunity you have given me to serve God through ECLEA to this my people in the greater Eastern Uganda, Soroti Centre.

Blessings, Pastor Alex Obaale


Alex Obaale, ECLEA-Uganda regional coordinator

July 29, 2017 (Part 2): Report from Bukedea District 1 Timothy conference

Warmest Christian greetings. As you may know, I have just returned from Bukedea district where I have been with the pastors handling 1 Timothy. It all turned to be one of the amazing group of leaders I met. Praise God.

Bukedea is in the South eastern part of Soroti with distance of 80km from each other and only 27km away from Mbale where we shall be from 2nd to 3rd August 2017 still teaching on 1 Timothy.

Out of the 30 leaders invited, 23 of them were in attendance for those days. They were very participatory in the meetings and discussions. They kept time of arrival of which to me was so encouraging.

Amidst the challenge of famine in this area still pastors could leave their gardens and come to study Gods word. Bukedea like other Teso region districts are still struggling with the lack of rain to help in the production of food crops. Prayers are needed here brothers.

The areas I believe that pastors were challenged were as follows:

1. Issues of self-appointed apostles. In this region, there is a problem of people self-claiming to be the apostles who are having fresh revelations from God to help build His Church. As we delved into what the scripture teaches on this and the commentary given in the manual, We were able to realize the clear distinction between the foundational apostles and the church commissioned apostles. This helped a great deal and leaders present confessed that this material is timely to this problem eating up the body of Christ in this area.

2. The second challenging issues to the leaders was the “hand over to Satan” form of church discipline. I challenged the pastors by asking them how many of them still carry out church discipline? Out of 23 in attendance less than a half said to do. Most of them said they have shied away because of church committees that always make clicks and turn out the church disciplining process political. This was one of the reasons most leaders gave. Also their superiors in ministry dictate on the entire process of church discipline. More to the above, pastors thought that it was difficult for them to really hand over the brother to Satan. But after going through Matt 18:17-19.they were encouraged and willing to execute this vital command.

3. On the issues of women teaching and women authority over men, pastors said they were following their denominational beliefs and would critically study Scriptures and see which position would be appropriate.

4. On qualifications on leadership, when Paul begins with “One must be...” Leaders in attendance were surprised to know that there are 15requirements to have in order to become a leader in church. This was like new to them and this charged them to know that aspiring to leadership is not just a simple issue but should be taken seriously.

On the other issues we learnt, participants were encouraged and confessed to have opened their eyes; like our prayer life styles in talking and not waiting for God to talk back to us, the core scripture of 1Tim 1:5 turned to be a blessing to our study. Participants realized how that  scripture centers our life's in ministry and our personal life styles in everything we do.

At the end of the conferences, everybody thanked God for this opportunity to have come for this timely teachings and materials. We send great appreciation to ECLEAfor this enlightening document and ECLEA’s relentless work here in Eastern African. More to that was appreciation for the funds given to facilitate the conference.

They look forward to TOT in early September.

Pastor Alex, Greater Eastern Uganda coordinator


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