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Uganda lies on the northern and northwestern shores of Lake Victoria and includes a large portion of the lake within its national territory. It is otherwise surrounded by South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo. Called by Winston Chruchill the "pearl of Africa," Uganda is now enjoying a period of relative peace and stability.



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ECLEA in Uganda

Uganda is the first East African nation in which Jonathan Menn taught (in 2005). That trip was a key point in changing the focus of Jonathan's life and ultimately led to the formation of ECLEA. The formal commencement of ECLEA in early 2013 necessitated the formation of a new ECLEA-Uganda committee of pastor-teachers. We now have a solid and lasting, Uganda-based, structure that will result in much fruit in the years to come.

Here are updates from ECLEA's Uganda team concerning ECLEA's work in Uganda (older news accounts of ECLEA's work in Uganda and the rest of East Africa are located in the News Archive):

Stephen Sempala, ECLEA-Uganda national coordinator

March 19, 2019: Report from Uganda

Trainings are going on in the different districts and the news I am getting from there is encouraging. Personally I have also interacted with some of the leaders that had gone through the these trainings say in the eastern Uganda and west Uganda recently and I found out that the materials have put them on task to reexamine their "calling" as leaders of God's people.

These are some of the issues that were raised. Being a servant leader, steward of oneself and others. This included taking care of another person's business/ property, being mindful of time. This is a real serious challenge church leaders have. Almost everywhere we have been time management is still a challenge. But after going through Stewardship training there has been a realization to honor God with our time.

Another challenge that we have interfaced has been denominational barriers. There is still that divide where each denomination/fellowship wants the training to be in their local churches and if it is hosted in another church leaders don't want to attend. This has been so common in Namayingo. We take time to meet different leaders and have a separate training for them to know how it is important to do to others what they want to be done to then. So instead of the training starting on time, you find yourselves starting late. In some of the photos I have sent you, you may see the contrast between those two photos. One was well attended than the other. The last one members came late. Those are some of the challenges we have faced among the ones you have been getting from the different Coordinators I.e accommodation, transportation for those coming from afar and free materials. 


Thank God that at least we have overcome that one. And this is the reason why ECLEA came to put right and in order those who oversee God's House. It is for this purpose that we were sent to East Africa.

Yours in His Service,

Bishop Stephen Sempala


Stephen Sempala, ECLEA-Uganda national coordinator

May 6, 2019: Report from Uganda

I have just come back from Masaka where we carried out Biblical Interpretation.

We thank God that the trainings are going on more so the last month's training where centers did The Church, Biblical Stewardship, Biblical Interpretation and 1 Timothy

The report I am getting from these center Coordinators shows that we are getting way beyond what we were expecting this first half of the year.

I am still compiling the report from these centers to mark the first half of the year, I know I have sent you some but wanted to send through more reports at the end of this month.

But briefly what I have personally observed and received from these conducted trainings is that these trainings have accelerated the coming together of church leaders, hence strengthening the working relationship among churches.

As these leaders come together and meet often to go through these training, they have started coming up with ideas, which are gearing up to take care of their families well and involving themselves in the affairs of their communities. For instance I have witnessed some church leaders becoming the local leaders in their local villages because of what they have been doing in their communities. It is through their leadership that more transformation in these villages has started to take place. This is good news about what ECLEA is doing. 

When we conduct these training we emphasis more the application bit. Throughout the Bible and ECLEA materials we see this being pointed out. We don't read the Bible to get head knowledge alone but also to apply what we have learnt. Leaders are taking this on another level by starting to engage themselves in result oriented things.

In His name, Stephen Sempala


Stephen Sempala, ECLEA-Uganda national coordinator

December 19, 2019
I have just returned from Rubanda and Kyotera where I carried out ECLEA training on Biblical Marriage and Parenting. The first time I visited Kyotera, I found that the church had a challenge with family setting. This is one of the places in Uganda where HIV/AIDS started from in 1980's and this region was much affected by the scourge.

So when it came to Marriage and Parenting this course fitted well, in terms of being faithful to one another, dealing with the youth in their communities, parents’ responsibilities towards their children, divorce, and family planning. These were the questions that the leaders raised. But in the nutshell I reminded the leaders that marriage is a reflection of the relationship between Christ and the Church at the end of the day after all has been done.

Below is the just concluded training yesterday.

Kind Regards,

Stephen Sempala


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