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Testimony: Testimony of Pastor Pamela of Mwanza, Tanzania

East African Praise & Worship: Praise, worship, & dance at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Traditional East African Instruments: Playing the andungu in Amuria, Uganda

East African Wildlife: Giraffes at Haller Park, Mombasa, Kenya

For more videos of East Africa, the East African church, testimonials of East African church leaders on the value of ECLEA's teaching, East African culture, and East African wildlife, please click HERE.



Downloading audio MP3 or written PDF: Sermons may be listened to by clicking on the "audio" button after the sermon title. An MP3 of the sermon may be downloaded by clicking on the "audio" button after the sermon title, then right-clicking on the audio payer that appears and clicking on "Save Audio As." A written PDF of the sermon's detailed preaching outline may be downloaded and read by clicking on the "PDF" button after the sermon title.

The following sermons are among those included in ECLEA's course book on EXPOSITORY PREACHING. These sermons help to illustrate the principles taught in that course.


Sermon title: 1 Sam 30:1-30-"God Rewards Faithfulness"    Audio  |  PDF
Description: The incidents described in 1 Samuel 30 reveal how God rewards faithfulness. Even the little things are not forgotten and can be very important.

Sermon title: Matt 6:19-24-"The Spiritual Nature of Money"    Audio  |  PDF
Description: Money is spiritual. It reveals what is inside of us. Our attitude toward money and what we do with it demonstrate better than almost anything else where our heart, mind, soul, and priorities really are.

Sermon title: Rev 19:11-21-"Jesus' Verdict On the World"    Audio  |  PDF
Description: This passage symbolically describes Jesus and what will happen when He returns to the earth "to judge and wage war." It is both a warning and an encouragement. It graphically teaches us to be committed to Jesus now so we don't fall under His judgment later.

For additional sermons on a host of OT and NT passages and topics, please click HERE.


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