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The United Republic of Tanzania takes its name from the union of the mainland formerly known as Tanganyika and the island of Zanzibar. Geographically, Tanzania is larger than the rest of East Africa (which technically does not yet include South Sudan) combined. Tanzania is strategically very important not only because of its size but also because of the size and influence of Islam (Zanzibar is approximately 97% Muslim).



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 Short videos of approaching Stone Town harbor and in Stone Town are available on the ECLEA Videos YouTube page, HERE.


ECLEA in Tanzania

ECLEA personnel began their work in Tanzania in April 2008. Particularly beginning in 2011 we have spent much effort in the country. We now have a well-organized ECLEA-Tanzania committee that itcludes national, zonal, regional, district, and local coordinators, headed by national coordinator Dickson Laizer and national secretary Joram Ibrahim. The ECLEA-Tanzania team is active in conducting all-Tanzanian church leader conferences and TOTs (training of trainers).

Here are updates from ECLEA's Tanzania team concerning ECLEA's work in Tanzania (older news accounts of ECLEA's work in Tanzaniaa and the rest of East Africa are located in the News Archive):

Barnabas Mpekethi, ECLEA-Kenya national coordinator

December 9, 2022
I bless God for the unity among E. Africa's ECLEA National Coordinators. Owing to that unity, I was honoured to grace the first Tanzania's ECLEA Graduation Ceremony; I was privileged to award 6 ECLEA Teachers with Instructors Certificates, as I was the Chief Guest of honour in the Ceremony where 25 Graduands graduated with Diploma Certificates in Biblical Theology and Leadership. The Tanzania's ECLEA Leadership were so well organized under the able leadership of their National Coordinator, Joram Ibrahim, and I thank God for them.


God bless you, Bishop Barnabas


Joram Ibrahim, ECLEA-Tanzania national coordinator

Sept 2022
Has been a little bit busy working on normal daily activities, including teaching and setting records for our graduate expectant students. Each one of our students are doing what we call Problem solving research paper on a particularly field. I was at Galapo doing Biblical Theology, Bible Literacy and introduction to research paper writing. Lazaro and Julius ware in Mwanza for Christian & Islam, and Galatians, while Paul was at Babati, teaching and doing necessary arrangements for the graduation. We are now faced with October class programs where students will be defending their research papers and another subject, plus graduation in November.

Registration process goes on, we have successfully gone through two difficult stages, hopefully it will be done before the end of this year. We will then be able to open bank account as a registered entity and be able to operate it. We will then be allowed to mobilize fund raising for our programs.

Our move to academic theological institution and offering credential diploma certificates will raise commitments to church leaders who attend our courses. As for now they cover books and food cost. Next year we will require them some additional amount so as to cover may be a quarter of the ECLEA teachers cost. This will keep increasing till all operation cost is 100% covered for our sustainability.

We now have a team of 6 competent teachers for our academic courses, we are planning on recruiting some more, to have at least twenty teachers in three years for the good of our Theological Institute. We will continue with conferences for the aim of introducing and advertising ECLEA courses especially in new areas.

Joram Ibrahim, ECLEA-Tanzania national coordinator 


July 2022
July was a difficult month for all ECLEA representative team when we lost our brother Fredrick Haririmana. It was sad indeed.

We are done with June July proposals, and here is the report. June in Babati Lazaro did Christianity and Islam and I did Old and New Testament. July, Church by Julius and Biblical Interpretation by Sanare.

Mwanza was Marriage by Sheggah, then Forgiveness & Reconciliation by Paul, this was June. In July I did with Sheggah Old and New Testament, Church and Research paper Writing. We postponed the Tanga class and prioritized the Galapo class.

We had a special task for Galapo. We did two classes covering six subjects, and two conferences for three other subjects. We therefore have a list of following subjects done in Galapo, which are Habakkuk, 1 Timothy, Expository Preaching, James, and Forgiveness &Reconciliation. Also we did Mark Part 1,  Stewardship, Biblical Interpretation, Galatians, and Biblical Marriage and Parenting.

We took Galapo as a sample class for those who did a number of ECLEA courses going through very courses and then sit down to write a paper for each subject.

In this case Babati and Galapo will graduate together in November. 

As I was teaching the book of Song of the Songs, I asked Mwanza Pastors of their view of the book. Their responce was: we never preached it; not even interested to read the book full of love affairs; not The word of God". They were overwhelmed to know that God was using a matrimonial relationship picture to illustrate his passion to His bride "the Church".

They are also encouraged to read the whole Bible and write their own linings and appendixes of each book. In each of the three classes, we have at least nine or twelve serious committed students who never miss the class.

We thank God for your support, through which we were able to do it all.

Joram Ibrahim, ECLEA-Tanzania national coordinator


Joram Ibrahim, ECLEA-Tanzania national coordinator

I just came back from Babati, where I taught Expository Preaching and Emmanuel Sanare taught The Book of James.
It was a wonderful week and students were so excited. Although we have registered two more students but four of our prominent students missed the class due to different reasons. They will have to repeat the course so that they can graduate accordingly.

Paul Mdimi and Lazaro were in Mwanza the last week of April, teaching Biblical Stewardship and Habakkuk.

Be blessed,


Joram ibrahim, ECLEA-Tanzania national coordinator

February 2022:
We finished Biblical Theology here at the ECLEA-Bishop Kiguru Bible School here in Babati. The students are seated for exam. Today we started The Book of Galatians

                Paul Mdimi teaching                                             Small group discussion



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