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Uganda lies on the northern and northwestern shores of Lake Victoria and includes a large portion of the lake within its national territory. It is otherwise surrounded by South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo. Called by Winston Chruchill the "pearl of Africa," Uganda is now enjoying a period of relative peace and stability.



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ECLEA in Uganda

Uganda is the first East African nation in which Jonathan Menn taught (in 2005). That trip was a key point in changing the focus of Jonathan's life and ultimately led to the formation of ECLEA. The formal commencement of ECLEA in early 2013 necessitated the formation of a new ECLEA-Uganda committee of pastor-teachers. We now have a solid and lasting, Uganda-based, structure that will result in much fruit in the years to come.

Here are updates from ECLEA's Uganda team concerning ECLEA's work in Uganda (older news accounts of ECLEA's work in Uganda and the rest of East Africa are located in the News Archive):

Stephen Sempala, ECLEA-Uganda national coordinator

December 2023
In one of the trainings in Kamuli as we were going through the book of Jonah. We had a discussion about how we are supposed to relate well with the people of God outside our four walled Churches. Unlike Jonah who saw the people of Nineveh as enemies, thus he didn't want to carry the good news to them.

At the end of our first day the leaders being trained organized a meeting with the local council leadership to share with them some of the challenges that the Church and the council can work on for the good of their community. We managed to be with the chairman who happened to be a Muslim, and his secretary, the area police commander and two more police officers, and two more community members.

Both the chairman and the area police commander commended our host Pastor for the initiative of leading others leaders to talk about, think and planning for their community. It was a wonderful time that we shared with the community leaders, and I believe that what has been started will be sustained.

To God be the Glory.

Kind Regards, Stephen 


Stephen Sempala, ECLEA-Uganda national coordinator

May 2023
We thank God that more books are being translated in Luganda. Ivan is doing a tremendous work.

We are here running multiple centers with the target that by the time you come in October or November for Graduation you will find quite a bigger number of that. We are also praying that the Church leaders will fulfill their obligation towards their trainings. Having said that we are moving on well and the Church leaders have recognized a tremendous change in their lives to the extent that even the State/local council have noticed it.

One coordinator had this to say:

"Most of the leaders that have gone through this already testify how their lives have been challenged especially their conduct, Character and how they deal with family life as well as ministry.”

A total of 65 leaders went through this book. ECLEA trainings have met a great need now in the body of Christ especially where government demands and requires that every preacher should have a formal training of biblical studies. Most pastors now love to go through these meetings and conferences.


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